I'm a recent graduate from Academy of Fine Arts Katowice, Poland. For the past few years I have been gaining my experience both as a freelance designer and in a studio context. I was working mainly in the culture field – helping out artists and culture institutions in reaching their goals. At the moment I'm combining work at WEIRD GENTLEMEN studio with  my own freelance practice. 
You can hire me to do a visual identity, branding, editorial design and many, many more. I believe a good design starts from a good conversation. So let me know how can I help you – aleksandrabraska10@gmail.com.
If you're a polish student / recent graduate you might be interested in my articles that I write for formy.xyz on how to survive in the design world as a young creative.​​​​​​​
Find me on Instagram, behance, linkedin or drinking wine in my favorite bars. Write me a request if you want to see my full PDF portfolio / CV.